LMS Lite: Lead Tracking Sheet in Excel

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LMS Features:

  • Easy lead tracking
  • Dashboard view with Sales KPIs (conversion, cost per lead, lead age, source analysis)
  • Customizable (easy to edit. Change dropdowns to suit your requirements)

There are various online software and tools available for lead tracking and management. However, it is still common to come across sales teams that do not effectively track and monitor sales leads and opportunities.

While there are several budget friendly options available for lead management, if you are just starting, this simple to use lead management excel sheet is the best option for you.

As you enter the lead details, the dashboard gives you a snapshot of all important sales metrics such as deal value, conversion percentage, average days to close, monthly trend, source and stage wise leads break-up.

Download LMS Lite to take charge of your sales pipeline and grow your business.

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LMS Lite: Lead Tracking Sheet in Excel

20 ratings
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