Client Risk Assessment Template

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Client Risk Assessment Template

Nitesh Verma
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De-risk your businesses.

Monitor early warning signals for each client and increase client retention and revenue by using this client risk assessment template.

There are often subtle early warning signals a client may give – verbal, written or sometimes unstated. Termination of a business deal or association follows a series of such subtle and ignored signals.

How do you track your client engagement and potential risk to the business?

Have any of your high priority clients started to be less responsive to your suggestions and proposals?

Do you have promoters or detractors in your client organization?

These are few of many such indicators every business must track and monitor to gauge the level of engagement and risk.

Download the Client Risk Assessment Template now. You could use the template to easily track and monitor the relationship status for each of your clients.

De-risk your business.

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Overall Risk Assessment
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